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PICO Leadership

PICO Kids leadership program intended for graduates of various PICO Kids programs. We will learn what motivates the Israeli entrepreneur, how to influence Israeli society and how social impact is created. Highlighted subjects taught in program include: mentoring, talk like TED, values-based leadership, team building, UX/UI,  ‘videos for change’, 3D modeling, programming, finance. This program takes place Monday between 18:00-19:30.

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PICO Kids flagship program, intended for students who wish to expand their horizons and learn about Start Up Nation, get to know the world of entrepreneurship through unique sessions with local entrepreneurs and start-ups. Together we will explore the design thinking methodology and participate in special events. This program takes…

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PICO Junior +

PICO Kids science and technology continuation program, in which students acquire additional digital manufacturing tools, learn about social responsibility, and explore all corners of the universe. This program takes place Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday between 16:00-17:30. One day is chosen by registrants preference upon registration.  

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We believe that providing equal opportunity, knowledge and skills to our youth based on empathy and passion is the unique PICO Kids combination to create successful agents of change.

The Makerspace

In 2019, we opened the PICO Kids Makerspace, housed in the heart of Talpiot, Jerusalem. The Makerspace is a large, open space with the most up-to-date equipment, where kids realize dreams by taking their ideas from design to construction. The Makerspace uses collaborative workshops to help kids design solutions, master advanced manufacturing skills and effectively communicate their innovations. The PICO Kids Makerspace houses in-school programs by day and serves as the base for our after-school programs and events.

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