Events Food security Makeathon 6/21

Food security Makeathon

01/06/2021 / PICO Kids Makerspace, Jerusalem / 08:00-18:00
Our planet faces significant economic, social and environmental challenges, and to address these issues the UN has set 17 sustainable development targets, setting global priorities leading up to year 2030. The first three targets in the UN Sustainability Model address poverty eradication, ending world hunger, and improving global health. Despite their efforts so far, there are still around 2 billion people worldwide who suffer from food insecurity due to inequality and poverty. Food security, as defined by the UN Committee on World Food Security, is a term that describes a situation in which a person will have physical, economic and social access to a sufficient amount of safe and nutritious food to enable a full and active life. Food security will be affected in the coming decades by a number of factors such as the sharp growth in world population, climate change, volatility in food prices, loss of agricultural land, unstable national economies, and more. The UN Committee on World Food Security believes in researching the subject and building mathematical models to predict food problems before they occur to produce the most effective solutions.  
On Tuesday June 1st 2021, PICO Kids will host a Food Security Makeathon, a first of its kind for youth targeting this subject.
PICO Food Security, a 10-hour Makeathon, will be held at the PICO Kids Makerspace in the Talpiot industry neighborhood of Jerusalem. The unique complex, holds advanced equipment and tools for digital creation and imagination, where we will host children of the various PICO Kids programs for a festival of creation and innovation, accompanied by instructors from PICO Kids, mentors, and volunteers.

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