Events Makeathon: Mission to the Moon 3/22

Mission to the Moon Makeathon

14/03/2022 / PICO Kids Makerspace, Yad Harutzim 4, Jerusalem / 08:00-18:00
Makeathon: Mission to the moon, a first of its kind for teenagers, in which participants will try to create solutions to challenges related to the moon. Mission to the Moon is a 10-hour ‘making’ marathon, to be held at the PICO Kids Makerspace complex in Jerusalem. The unique complex, equipped with the best tools and advanced technologies in the field of digital creation, will host participants from various PICO Kids programs for a carnival of creation and innovation, accompanied by instructors from PICO Kids mentors and volunteers. Leading up to the Makeathon, the PICO Kids steering committee, together with senior consultants from the field, have formulated four challenges which participants will try to solve with the educational and technological tools they’ve acquired during the ‘makers’ afternoon programs. During the next few weeks of preparation participants will undergo workshops related to the moon, visit various companies, and attend lectures in order to deepen their knowledge in the field. In the first stage, participants accompanied by mentors, will study local and global trends on the subject of the moon and space. In the second stage, participants will try to find a solution to the challenge they have chosen, utilising the Design Thinking Methodology as well as skills and technologies they have been taught to use in order to implement their project. On Makeathon day, participants are required to build a functioning prototype for the idea they have planned, create a video about the process, and present the final project to the judging panel. At the closing ceremony, the outstanding projects will be announced and all participants will receive awards. The goal of the event is to connect different populations in the city of Jerusalem around common educational and social values, develop advanced creative thinking skills, discover breakthrough solutions to future challenges, and utilise the ability to work in a team

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