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Our vision is to ensure that Jerusalem will continue to contribute to the success of the Israeli economy and innovation sector. Over the last 20 years, Jerusalemites have been at the helm of some of the largest economic outcomes of Startup Nation – including Mellanox, Mobileye, and Waze. At PICO Kids, we believe that this city wrought with complexity also has tremendous opportunity for creativity, resilience, and problem-solving capacity. Jerusalemites exhibit a unique DNA and many of these qualities have direct influence of their upbringing in the city.

The goal is to nurture the unique DNA and qualities that have made for great Jerusalemite leaders in the decades past, in today’s children and to provide an engaging space that enables kids from all sectors to collaborate and grow together, opening their imagination, sharing and partnering with one another in a unique and life-changing educational experience. In doing so, we also contribute to the inclusion of multi-sectors and communities given the unmistakably diverse character of our society. Unlike organizations which only focus on marginalized communities, PICO Kids believes that children are equally disadvantaged in the pursuit of a 21st century education, and all should have equal access to these resources.

Jerusalem was chosen as the location for PICO Kids not only because it is the largest and most diverse city, but with belief that the city of Jerusalem and its inhabitants have unique attributes for entrepreneurial success and that the city’s youth will become the future leaders and positive change agents in Israel and around the world. Jerusalem holds the hidden secret of the start-up nation, the complexity of history and perspective of what it takes to build big things. We believe this complexity leads to creativity, and one needs to flex their creative muscles, to survive in this city.