Project Purification Challenge: Water Scarcity Makeathon, Dubai

Purification Challenge: Water Scarcity Makeathon, Dubai

  • 07/12/2021
  • Water
  • 9-10 Grade

Since most of the earth is made up of salt water, we decided to create a solution for purifying salt water. In a chemistry experiment, water is heated and the steam enters a pipline with special openings, thus removing the salt. we examined how to sufficiently use all the energy in this process and not lose the heat energy in heating the water. We used solar energy to heat the water, by mounting solar panels that will charge batteries and use electricity to heat the water. This solution is a junction between Israel and Dubai, since both countries are high in temperatures, therefore the use of solar energy will be most effective and sustainable. Team crest: SEAH S solar & sustainability E energy & equality A aqua & availability H heat & humanity