PICO Ambassadors

  • 8th -11th Graders
  • Course duration hours
  • Price:   8,000*

Announcing December 2023 dates:

Dubai- December 4th-December 11th, 2023

ברושור משלחת דצמבר 2023

PICO Kids Ambassadors is our flagship program for youth learning exchanges focused on the nexus of innovation, problem solving and building global bridges.

The PICO Ambassadors program is intended for 8th-10th graders which focuses on developing leadership skills, learn advanced technological skills, provide an in-depth introduction to the worlds of new media and improve soft skills. Just as importantly, the program will deal with understanding the immense potential of diverse international teamwork and the ability to create a fertile ground for collaborative work around solving global problems.

PICO Ambassadors is in sixth year, past delegations include: Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tanzania and Dubai.

Our delegations are led by the educational and administrative staff of PICO Kids and are accompanied by PICO Kids mentors who have undergone intensive training.