PICO Leadership

  • 8th - 9th Graders
  • 20 sessions
  • Course duration 90 minutes
  • Price:   2,290*

PICO Kids leadership program intended for graduates of various PICO Kids programs. We will learn what motivates the Israeli entrepreneur, how to influence Israeli society and how social impact is created. Highlighted subjects taught in program include: mentoring, talk like TED, values-based leadership, team building, UX/UI,  ‘videos for change’, 3D modeling, programming, finance.

This program takes place Sunday/Monday/Thursday between 18:00-19:30. One day is chosen by registrants preference upon registration.

Highlighted subjects taught in program include:

Mentoring / Talk like TED / Values-based leadership / Team building / UX/UI / ‘Videos for change’ / 3D modeling / Programming / Finance
Discounts dependent on eligibility | No prior knowledge required to participate | Pre-registration is required to ensure participation | Course opening dependent on minimum participant registration | Limited availability per course | All courses subject to change