Tech Camp 2022-5+6 Grade

  • 5th - 6th Graders
  • 10 (day) sessions
  • Course duration 4.5 hours
  • Price:   1,950*

July 3-14, 2022

9:00-13:30 (Includes breakfast)

PICO Kids summer tech camp is back! based on our makers annual program, campers will discover the fascinating world of technology, science, creative thinking and hands-on experimenting.

לעלון מידע בעברית לחצו כאן

Highlighted subjects taught in program include:

Science / 2D design and laser cutting / Video Editing / 3D modeling and printing / Carpentry / App construction
Some sessions may be repetitive to the annual makers program | No prior knowledge required to participate | Pre-registration is required to ensure participation | Limited availability per course | Discounts dependent on eligibility