Terms and Conditions

PICO Website Terms and Conditions

PICO Kids (hereinafter: “PICO”) respects the privacy of participants in the various activities it conducts and the privacy of users of the website it operates at: www.picokids.org (hereinafter: the “Site”). These terms state the privacy policy practiced at PICO and on the Website. They review, among other things, how PICO uses the information provided or collects when using the Site. The use of the sites, services and content offered by PICO indicates your agreement to this Privacy Policy (hereinafter: the “Privacy Policy”) and additional terms and additional provisions that may appear in the Services.

This policy is worded in male language for convenience only, and it applies, of course, to women as well.

Providing details to PICO as part of its activities

As part of the activities which PICO conducts with children and youth, including activities in schools, classes, tour days, activity days, summer camps, youth delegations, lectures, seminars, competitions, etc., PICO collects personal information regarding participants in the activity and their parents (or legal guardians).


The personal information is collected for the purposes of each activity and as relevant to that activity. The personal information mentioned above may include: child name, school, grade, age, mobile phone, email address, parent details (name, phone, email address), food sensitivities (if the activity includes feeding), medical condition ( As part of the health declaration form), areas of interest, religion (if the activity includes nutrition, for kosher purposes), ID number, passport number (if the activity includes a trip outside Israel), photos taken during the activity (stills and videos). Information was collected such as opinions and impressions regarding the child who participated in the activity.


The information collected by PICO, or provided to PICO by the child’s parents or by the schools or organizations participating in the activities.


Reference in the procedure to “your information” includes information about the child and about his/her parents.

Providing information on the website

The use of some of the site’s services requires registration and / or submission of details (eg registration for an activity, payment for an activity, contact us, etc.). Without providing the required data in the required fields, you will not be able to use the site’s services that require consent and / or details.

You are requested to provide correct, accurate and complete details and confirm the the details you have provided. PICO will be entitled to save the data you provide when registering. Incorrect information, or failure to provide the full details required may prevent you from using the Services, impair the quality of the service provided to you, and impair our ability to contact you. You are also required not to provide personal details of a minor unless you are the parent or his or her legal guardian.


You have no legal obligation to provide the information and the provision of the information depending on your consent. If you do not want to provide the information, we ask you not to use the site and / or participate in the relevant activity.

Minors’ privacy

Please note that the collection and processing of information about minors is subject to the consent of a parent or legal guardian. If PICO is informed that no such consent has been given, the information will be deleted as soon as possible. If you have information regarding this issue, or are requested to delete information regarding minors, please contact us at info@picokids.org

Information collected during the use of this site

When you use the site, PICO may collect information about your practices on the site, including information you read, the pages you viewed, the services that interested you, the computer location and the Internet address data (IP address) through which you access the site and more.

Use of information

The details you provided when registering for one of PICO ‘s activities and / or the website and / or any other information collected as stated above and below will be stored in PICO ‘s database. The use of PICO ‘s services and / or the website and / or your consent to the collection and processing of the information under the terms of the privacy policy indicate that you agree that your information will be stored and managed in PICO ‘s database. The information in the database will be used for the purposes of PICO’s activities as stated above, as well as for the purposes listed below:


  • To enable you to use PICO ‘s services and activities;
  • To enable you to use the services on the site, including performing operations independently in the digital channels, such as registration, payment and more;
  • To identify you during your re-entries to areas that require registration and to save you from having to enter your details each time;
  • To enhance and enrich the services and content offered by PICO;
  • To contact you when the PICO believes necessary;
  • For the proper operation and development of the site;
  • For the purpose of sending direct mail and / or sending an advertisement, including information about products, benefits, which in PICO ‘s opinion, may interest you, either by e-mail or short message (SMS), or in any other way. Such direct mail will be sent to you if you have given your express consent during registration on the Site or at any other time. You can revoke your consent at any time and stop receiving it. It is clarified that consent to this privacy policy constitutes consent for the purposes of the provisions of the Protection of Privacy Law – 5741-1981 and any other relevant law.
  • For analysis and control of statistical information.
  • For any other purpose, as set forth in this Privacy Policy or the relevant activity documents.

Payment through the site

The site allows payment for the various activities, through the use of Max’s services.

When a payment is made on the Site, the information provided as part of the payment is collected and processed by _Max_ under its privacy policy. PICO is not responsible for any damage or claim in connection with the information provided as aforesaid.

Cancelation Policy & Program Regulations

1.Each program is 20 sessions (excluding the PICO Stars program, 12 sessions) including several external day tours and peak events. Notice will be given 14 days prior to these activities. External day tours and peak events are not mandatory.
2. Opening a program is conditional to a minimum number of participants.
3. Participation in the program activity is conditional to completing the health declaration on this website.
4. PICO Kids may terminate a participant’s participation if they have not met the terms of the payments or for any other justifiable reason at their sole discretion.
5. PICO Kids reserves the right to terminate the activities of any participant due to a disciplinary issue or due to a violation of program activities.
6. In the event that the program is canceled by PICO Kids, a refund will be transferred in proportion to the number of meetings made up to the date of the cancellation.
7. PICO Kids will be entitled not to hold an activity due to circumstances arising from events beyond its control, such as: war, weather damage, closures, etc. In these cases, no fee will be refunded for cancellation of the activity.
8. Any cancellation of registration for the program must be notified in advance and in writing to programs@picokids.org. If registration for the activity is canceled by 22.10.2023, the cancellation fee will be NIS 300 and will be paid in cash or credit card refund.
9. Cancellation of registration after this date will be made with 30 days’ notice and will be charged for the month of activity in which the notice ends, so the child will be allowed to participate in the program that month.
10. Deadline for cancellation of registration is 31.1.2024. As of February 2023, no cancellations or refunds will be accepted.
11. The payment for the activity is monthly and a participant will not be credited for a partial participation during the month.
12. There will be no activities on holidays of the Ministry of Education, subject to the 2023-2024 vacation schedule, as published in the circular of the Director General of the Ministry of Education. In addition, PICO Kids will be on winter break between the dates 14.1.2024-27.1.2024.
13. If a student does attend a lesson, due to personal reasons, PICO Kids is not responsible to make up for the lesson missed.

Providing information to a third party

PICO will not pass on to third parties your personal information and information collected about your activity on the sites, except in the following cases:


  • To the extent necessary for the proper provision of PICO and Web Services and activities, site management and control, responding to your requests, various marketing activities, customer support and service, etc. PICO may allow access to your personal information to agents, contractors, business partners or other service providers ( Including information system providers, computing and websites) if necessary. These third parties will be able to use your personal details only for the purpose for which they have contracted with PICO and will not be allowed to use them for any other purpose;
  • If you violate the terms of the contract with PICO;
  • If you perform actions that PICO deems to be unlawful or attempt to perform such actions;
  • If PICO receives a court order instructing it to provide your details or information about you to a third party;
  • If a qualified entity requires it and after its production has examined and found that this requirement is reasonable and justified. In any case, PICO will provide only the minimum information required.
  • in any dispute, claim, suit, demand or legal proceeding, if any, between you and PICO;
  • In any case that PICO believes that the provision of the information is necessary to prevent serious damage to your body or property or to the body or property of a third party;

PICO will be entitled to transfer your information and the information collected as a result of your use of the Sites to other PICO companies or organizations, such as a parent company, subsidiary and sister company, provided that they use this information only in accordance with the provisions of this Privacy Policy.

PICO may provide and share anonymous, aggregate and statistical information with PICO -related companies or organizations as well as with suppliers, business partners, and any third party at its sole discretion, but it will not knowingly or intentionally disclose your identity to them without your consent; In any case, PICO will not disclose your details and information collected from the application to advertisers for advertising purposes as stated above.

  • If PICO organizes its activity or the activity of the site in another framework and in case you change the legal structure or merge with another body or merge the activity of one of the sites with the activity of a third party – it will be entitled to provide the new corporation a copy of the information stored about you in PICO ‘s database. Provided that this corporation accepts the provisions of this Privacy Policy towards you.

The transfer of information as stated in this section above may include the transfer to or access to information outside the borders of the State of Israel when the activity combines activities with other countries, including travel outside Israel.


Data Security

PICO is making efforts to implement information security measures. While these measures reduce the risks of unauthorized intrusion into information, they do not provide absolute security. Therefore, PICO does not warrant that the services and use of the Site will be completely immune from unauthorized access to the information contained therein.

Right to review, correct or delete information

According to the Privacy Protection Law, 1981, you are entitled to review the information you hold in PICO ‘s database. In addition, if you find that the information about you is incorrect, complete, clear or up to date, you may contact PICO to correct or delete the information. There will be grounds for refusing this request, PICO will notify you in the manner and manner set forth in the Regulations and you may appeal in the manner and manner set forth in the Regulations.

In addition, if the information in the Company’s databases is used for personal contact with you, based on your affiliation with a population group, determined by characterizing one or more persons whose names are included in the database (contact by direct mail), then you are entitled under the Privacy Protection Act. A. 1981 Request in writing that the information relating to you be deleted from the database. In this case, PICO will delete the information it needs only to contact you with commercial offers as stated above. Please note that deleting information may prevent you from continuing to receive services from the site.

The information needed by PICO to conduct its business – including statistical, anonymous or aggregate information for the purposes of statistical analysis and documentation of commercial and other transactions you have performed on the Site – will continue to be retained by the Company by law, but will no longer be used to contact you. If within 30 days you do not receive notification that the information requested by the company to be deleted has indeed been deleted under this section, you will be entitled to apply to the court in the manner prescribed by regulations under the Privacy Protection Act, to order PICO to act as aforesaid.


Such inquiries should be directed to info@picokids.org.

Changes to Privacy Policy

PICO may change, from time to time, the provisions of the Privacy Policy. We encourage you to update your privacy policy from time to time. We will update users on any material change to the terms of this Privacy Policy on the site’s home page. Substantial changes will take effect fourteen (14) days after notice is given on the Site. All other changes to the Privacy Policy will take effect immediately and your continued use after the change in the Terms indicates your agreement to the new terms of the Privacy Policy. To the extent that the Privacy Policy is amended to comply with any legal requirement, the amendments may take effect immediately, or as required by law, and without any prior notice. If you do not agree to the new terms, you must stop further using the Services and the Website.

Contact us

PICO adheres to the provisions of the law and respects the right of its users to privacy. If you are affected by the services or the website and / or any other issue, please contact us according to the details below and we will try to handle your request as soon as possible:

Email info@picokids.org Phone: 050-574-6232.