Events Water Scarcity Makeathon, Dubai 6/2022

Water Scarcity Makeathon, Dubai

24/06/2022 / / 08:00-15:00

As part of the PICO Kids Ambassadors program, students will participate in  a 3 day Makeathon together with our partner, Dubai British Hills, part of the Taaleem educational network in Dubai. In multi-national teams participants will work together to solve one of the largest issues of our time and in our region: Water Scarcity.

PICO Kids Ambassadors is our highly selective program for international student learning exchanges. For this program, we partner with international schools around the world to bring together youth from diverse backgrounds to learn from one- another and create global bridges. We quickly understood that as much as our

students benefited from their experience abroad, their international peers benefited from learning about the Israeli approach to innovation and problem solving, embodied within a single word: “chutzpah”.

Our delegations are comprised of 20 co-ed students, grades 8th through 10th, from diverse backgrounds and schools. This is the most selective PICO Kids program as it draws our best students at the culmination of their multi-year experience.

This program encompasses PICO Kids’ unique methodology and focuses on leadership development, public speaking skills, diverse teamwork, problem-solving techniques and diplomacy. It is a unique, powerful and life-changing experience that ends with a joint peak event exploring ideation, problem solving, prototyping, and a Ted-talk presentation.

We believe this program creates a transformational experience for participants as they interact with new cultures, take part in a joint process of critical thinking, problem-solving in unfamiliar settings and collaboration with diverse peers.

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